Two major components of eyeglasses are frames and lenses. To buy a pair from Specs Fair is a simple 4 step process:

How to order eyeglasses with Specs Fair 1

Our ordering guide will make sure that you have all the information and guidance that you will require to select the perfect frames and lenses for you.
Each and every order is reviewed by a lens specialist to ensure that the lens selection is perfect. If you do run into a problem, we are always available to answer questions.

How to order eyeglasses with Specs Fair 2


Steps To Select A Right Frame Style For You

Once you have answers to these questions, you are all net to go to our frame search function, which will allow you to select among our inventory. Just in case, you are lost, you can always contact us, wed make sure you get the right frame.
The Fit and The Right Size Eyewear for You:
Most of the time, eyeglasses are one of the accessories that fit without any adjustments. Out of your clothing, jewelry, shoes, or any other accessory, glasses are the easiest to customize and adapt to your body.
Getting the perfect fit is a combination of selecting the right frame style and then making it fit your face.
One can find the correct size by either your old frame or by simply measuring them. Usually, you can find the frame’s size on your current glasses by looking on the inside of the frame (usually the arms or the bridge).
For example, a frame with the following measurements 52-18-140 will be as follows:

How to order eyeglasses with Specs Fair 3
The lens size is the width across the widest part of the lens (in mm). The bridge size is the width of the nose bridge. The arm length is the length of each arm. The other method to know your frame size is to measure them. You can measure your current glasses with a ruler and use them as a guide. Lenses are custom made to fit the frames you pick and your particular prescription, irrespective of the size of the frame you choose, the lenses will be in the perfect place in front of your eyes.

The Right Lenses for You?
Selecting the correct lenses as per your needs is a task that can be taken care of without the help of a licensed professional and if you do have a question about lenses after reading all the information about them, please do not hesitate to call us.
As a rough guide, we recommend…

How to order eyeglasses with Specs Fair 4





With any plus powers, we recommend our 157, 1.56 or 1.59 lenses because these lenses are Aspheric in design, this means the lenses are made not only thinner but flatter than a standard spherical lens, this reduces magnification of your eyes to anyone who looks at you, and of course the lenses are lighter as a result.

The selection of lenses is made simple by us. While placing the order with Wizard Checkout, you can enter your prescription, and then move to a step by step lens selection process. You can read about the lenses, evaluate the available options and prices for each lens’option, and then choose for yourself.