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 The appropriate response is true. Yes, you can—and we make it simple at Specs Fair. All you require is your latest prescription from your optometrist and a little assistance from us with entering the data. That is it! Furthermore, you can take as much time as is needed picking your perfect eyeglasses by going through our inventory.


Buying Prescription Glasses Online

High-Quality Prescription Eyeglasses

Specs Fair eyeglasses are made from a variety of Top-quality materials. Acetate, plastic frames & metal maintaining the perfect balance between weight and durability.

Easy Try-on

Our super easy Glasses Try-on feature shows you exactly how you’ll look in a frame, so choosing the right kind of frame is easy. When you buy glasses online with us, you don’t need to schedule to visit a physical store. You could be lying on your bed, sitting on the bus, or anywhere when you find your favorite frames.

Eyeglass Frames to Fit Your Style

As we sell our prescription eyeglasses online, you have the option of 500+ frames at your fingertips. You have a big choice of a range of different eyeglass frames, you can browse by style, gender, size, shape, material or color to make your shopping experience smooth quickly find the frame that suits you best.

Reading Your Eyeglass Prescription

It may seem incomprehensible, but in reality, the numbers are easy to grasp. Basically, your eye doctor will write a series of numbers indicating the type and extent of your vision problem. For example, the spherical error (SPH) of your eyeglass prescription is related to how much correction you need if you are nearsighted or farsighted. If you have astigmatism, you will have a cylinder number on your eyeglass prescription that tells you how much lens power you need to correct blurred and distorted vision.