Oval Glasses

Oval Glasses

If you are looking for ovalglasses then you have nothing to worry about because Specs Fair provides you a diverse range of such frames. Whether it be different price points, materials, or designs, you will get every kind of versatility in these eye wear. They are much like round frames except the fact that they are a bit more wide as compared to their height which makes them oval in their appearance.

These frames are great for softening the angularity and are known for their low profile. Consequently, when someone looks up to your face, the facial features are what highlights the appearance rather than the frame. They are great for the individuals that have square or diamond face shape because you will be able to soften the edges with the round profile of these glasses.

Specs Fair gives you the best frames which are created according to the industry standards and make sure that everyone gets a glasses that fits his or her requirements.

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Black Matte Cat Eye Glasses Sf 9845

Frame SizingWidth      134 mm              &n..


Blue Multicolor Cat Eye Glasses 9857

Frame SizingWidth      123 mm              &n..


Brown Cat Eye Glasses 211218

Frame SizingWidth      138 mm              &n..


Navy Blue Velvet Cat Eye Glasses 201122

Frame SizingWidth      140 mm              &n..


Red Translucent Glasses 010821 New

Red Translucent Glasses 010821

Red Translucent Glasses 010821 | Glasses Online CanadaFrame SizingWidth      135..


Violet Rectangle Glasses 010819 New

Violet Rectangle Glasses 010819

Voilet Rectangle Glasses 010819 | Glasses Online CanadaFrame SizingWidth      13..


Purple Cat Eye Glasses Sf 9844

Frame SizingWidth      134 mm              &n..


Purple Cat Eye Glasses 9846

Frame SizingWidth      134 mm              &n..


Red Cat Eye Glasses Sf 9843 In Stock

Red Cat Eye Glasses Sf 9843

Frame SizingWidth      134 mm              &n..


Floral Oval Glasses 9865

Frame SizingWidth      140 mm              &n..




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