How to choose glasses according to your face shape?

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How to choose glasses according to your face shape?

Going to purchase eyewear and finding the right glasses is one of the toughest thing for some individuals. It is never easy to find a frame that fits perfectly on your face. There are instances when a glasses appears to be awesome when you look at it on display. However, trying them out, you only come across the fact that they are not what you are looking for and that they appear odd when you are wearing them.

Therefore, it is important to know about a few things when you are choosing eyewear. Starting with the face type, we will discuss them for you below.

Face shape

It is important to know about your face shape when you are going to choose the glasses. They can be categorized in 7 primary types and each of them has a particular glasses which is said to be best suitable for the individuals with that face shape.

Oval face

Oval face shape is said to be ideal because of the fact that it has balanced outlook. However, it becomes tough to choose a frame for such shape because you don’t want to highlight or offset and of the features of your face. Therefore, it is important that you consider a frame which keeps things in proportions. Go for the glasses that are as broad as the broadest part of your face. Frames that look like walnut are neither too deep nor too narrow which is why they are preferable for oval face.

Heart shaped face

A wide top and a narrow bottom third means that you have a heart shaped face. It is also referred to as the base up triangle face. So, you got to reduce the visible width that is at the top of the face. So, selecting frames which are wider at the bottom and are thin as well as light colored would look good. Also, rimless frames with airy appearance are a decent choice.

eyeglasses by shape

Oblong face

Face that is longer than it is wide along with a straight cheek line is known as the oblong face. It can appear a bit too long if you don’t select the right glasses. You got to make it shorter and more balanced and the frames which have more depth than width can come in handy to balance the outlook. Also, choosing frames that have contrasting or decorative temples will also add up to the width of your face.

Square face

Square face comes with a wide forehead and a strong jaw. As is the case with square, the length and width of the face is almost the same and it tends to appear angular. Therefore, you got to make it look a little longer and soften up the edges. Narrow frames, the ones that are wider than they are deeper, and the narrow ovals, all can be considered for such face shape.

Diamond face

The diamond face both a narrow forehead and a narrow jawline. However, it is wider as cheekbones. This shape face is rare and you got to put more weight on the eyes and soften up the cheek bones. Therefore, frames with distinctive brow lines, rimless glasses, oval frames, and cat eye shapes are good choices.

Round face

The round face shape is the one with no angles, curved lines showing almost the same width and length. These thin and long faces can be balanced by using angular frames. Specially, the ones that have a clear bridge or are rectangular in their appearance can be a great pick for eyewear on such faces.

Base down triangle face

If you have a narrow forehead and a wide chin, your face is a base down triangle. Try to emphasize more on the forehead part by choosing the frames that can detail the top half (brow) part while keeping a low profile on the bottom side. Cat eye shape frames and such other glasses can be a decent choice to be worn on these faces.

What else?

Apart from the face shape, you should consider the skin tones, eye color, and hair color. A good eyewear will not only be according to your face shape but also complements the coloration of other facial features. These include your complexion, your eyes, and your hair. They are generally categorized as ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ considering which you can further filter your color choice and make the right selection. For instance, warm colors can go good with camel, khaki, off-white, and warm blue whereas the cool complexion may appear appropriate with black, plum, blue, etc.

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