Why you should go with round glasses?

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Why you should go with round glasses?

There was once a time when people only had round glasses available. They were made famous from the silent Hollywood movies. However, with the passage of time, more options opened up and people nowadays have a number of different types of glasses available. But still, round glasses are pretty much up for grab and a first choice for many individuals that are looking towards purchasing glasses.

Previously, round glasses were crafted out of metal while the riches were wearing the ones that come from horn or ivory. The plastic was introduced in 1950 as a material for manufacturing glasses and it was then the metal frames started to fade out. Soon, the square and rectangular frames were into fashion but thanks to ever changing fashion industry and varying taste of the individuals round frames kept coming back. Even till today, they are very much in demand.


Making round glasses work for you

There are numerous face shapes for which the round glasses work. Some ideal matches include diamond, heart, oblong, oval, square, and triangle among the others. Here, we will take a detailed look at different face types and how round glasses may make a perfect pick.

Diamond face shape

The diamond face shape is known for its angular features and prominent cheekbones. Therefore, the round frames are best pick for individuals with such facial outline. The circular and rounded lenses would bring a balance in their face. Whether you pick a frame that fit properly with your face or go with the oversize style, you can certainly make a statement.

Square face shape

Next up we have the square face shape which is ideal for the round frames. Why? Well, much like diamond shape, you get a prominent forehead and wide jawline. While the aviators can look imposing and authoritative on such faces, the round frames are there for a more relaxed and intellectual look. Nonetheless, you should assure that you pick the round frames of appropriate size. Get the right fit or oversize the glasses a bit as per your face.

Triangle face

Another face shape for which the round frames are considered a preferred choice is the triangle face shape. The reason is that these individuals have a pronounced jawline which is why the round glasses, particularly for the individuals that have a wider structure, can make it look great. The top heavy construction of the round frames can create an illusion which may help in balancing the overall look.

Heart face shape

Moving on from ideal matches to the acceptable matches, we have the heart face shape. Such people have a sloping jaw with a small chin which is why these individuals find it hard to get the right round frame. The recommendation here is to go with round frames that are according to your face and a size that fits appropriately. Don’t oversize because it will emphasize more on the features that are already highlighted by your face shape. On the other hand, picking a smaller frame may actually work in your favor.

Oval face shape

Individuals with oval face shape find it hard to get the right frame. It is because most of the frames won’t go along the oval face. Therefore, if you are looking to wear round frame of oval face you should go with the glasses that fit. Round glasses with this frames should appear to be alright for such people.

Oblong face shape

For the oblong face shape, the round frames aren’t a preferred choice. It is because to bring out its hidden features, angular frames should be used. However, if you want to try circular lenses, you must use narrow glasses. Just assure that they are not too small because they may exaggerate your head size.

Round face shape

It is recommended that you must not wear round glasses on round face shapes. It is because this makes your face appear even more circular, highlighting the unwanted features. Offsetting the size, it is recommended to go with angular frames. This throws away the inconsistencies and assists you in bringing a balance.

Final words

So, this is all you need to know about the round glasses and why you should go with these considering your face shape. Do note that you can use the round frames to offset the angular facial features which is why we would recommend you to wear it on such faces only. But if you have oval, oblong, or round face and want to try round frames, you are more than welcome to give it a try.

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