8 great ways to save on the cost of eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses are a necessity for many but buying the lenses and frames often costs too much. You certainly do not want to spend a ton on eyewear but if you plan wisely and decide cleverly, you can save a ton as well. Here are 8 great ways of saving on the cost of eyeglasses by shopping smartly.

  1. Go over all your options before-hand

It is always wise to look at all the possible choices you have before you finalize. It is best to do the research even before you have your eyes checked so that you are aware of what you need and will not buy extras for which you have no need. There are several online sources for this where you can also seek advice for choosing the right lenses, frame and add-ons. Looking for Glasses Online Canada, for example, would be a good way to get discounts.

  1. Talk in detail with your eye-doctor

Ask your doctor for recommendations for lenses and frames, and about what you need to avoid. Knowing your pupil distance, PD would also be necessary if you want to buy glasses online from places like Glasses Online Canada. This way you can get the perfect glasses right away without much hassle.

  1. Explore frames

You would need to go over several frames to select the best. Note down their styles, their prices and brands or companies so that you can choose the best and most economical later.

  1. Compare the costs

Once you have shortlisted your favorite frames, find them online and price them. Also consider the prices of lenses in order to compare the costs of the eyeglasses. Good and economical eyeglasses can be found in the place where you had your eye exam.

  1. Negotiate

If you have found the similar frames or lenses with better prices elsewhere, give your initial options another chance. Visit the stores where you found your favorite frames and try to negotiate and bring down the prices to match the low prices you found.

  1. Get the things you need from wherever you need to

Divide and conquer! If you can not find all that you need from one place at reasonable costs, try different places. If you have your eyes checked from one place, buy lenses from another and frames from yet another, it is no big deal as log as you can save on the cost of your eyeglasses.

  1. Don’t waste on add-ons unnecessarily

Add-ons like scratch-resistant coating, coating for ultraviolet protection or those to block blue light are often not necessary. Plastic lenses today have anti-scratch coatings which should be enough. Anti-reflecting coatings may, however, be worth spending on for they make the lens easier to look through

  1. Buy an extra pair

You may not be able to go through this excruciatingly long process of selection if you are forced to buy a new one because your first pair has broken. While you are at it, buy a spare pair as well.

The above-mentioned tips will be sure to make you eyeglasses shopping a lot more cost-effective so do not ignore this lengthy selection procedure and don’t end up wasting money

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